Best Deep Fryer Reviews

Best Deep Fryer: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Looking for the best deep fryer, but are not sure what exactly it is you need? Don’t worry any more! Read through this page to learn everything you need to know.

What are Deep Fryers?

By definition, a deep fryer is a piece of kitchen equipment used for deep frying different types of food. Deep frying involves dipping food into hot oil, and since hot oil can be intrinsically harmful to any cook, these appliances are the most suitable and recommended kitchen appliances. They maintain your safety while using hot oil, as they will seal all the oil inside them and avoid the risk of getting the smallest drop of water in the oil, which can be disastrous because of the rapid reaction that water and hot oil has.

They are usually made of a big tank, where the liquid or fatty oil is poured into. A basket is usually attached, and it can be safely submerged into the tank with hot oil after the oil has reached the desirable temperature. Vegetable or corn oils are the most preferred oil choices when it comes to deep fryers, and even olive oil can be used, although it is quite costly to use due to the large amount of the oil needed to do the job. Depending on the amount of cash you are willing to spend, you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Deep Fryer Comparison

There exist two basic types of these kitchen appliances: commercial and home models. Home models are used in homes to prepare fried foods like fries, while commercial models are commonly used I fast food restaurants to prepare foods like French Fries among others. The main advantage of using these kitchen appliances to prepare foods is that the oil can be reused several times, every so often as many as 10 or 15 times without the need to waste oil after cooking. With these appliances, you will not have to buy new cooking oil whenever you fry foods.

You need to know how to use the appliances you own. Some of these come with additional instruction manuals and even recipes, which will guide you on how to prepare some mouth-watering delicacies. On the other hand, some will not come with additional aids, therefore you need to be well versed with how to use them on your own.

Everyone deserves and desires good health, and as such we need to take good care of it. Many people have claimed that these appliance cook unhealthy foods, something that is very false. This is because they have the capability of cooking low-fat foods, and make them crisp as well to provide you with healthy and foods that will leave you wanting more and more.


There are many features and specifications available in many deep fryers. It is thus recommended to understand how they work so that you can be able to handle them efficiently. These specifications are:

Stainless Steel Body

Because stainless steel is known to be durable and long lasting, it is used in making their making to make them strong. In addition to adding up their life, it makes the stainless and this will ease the cleaning process as dirt will not accumulate on the surface easily.

Charcoal Air Filter

This is a very important specification as it is present to filter frying odors. Foods like French Fries and chicken will leave your kitchen with a disturbing odor, and this feature will help avert this as the odor will be kept at bay. Others will not have this feature, and a regular filter can do the job just fine.

Removable Frying Pot

This is the area where the food is placed. The best deep frying kitchen appliance should have this vital feature, as without it no frying can be made possible. The frying pot should be easy to remove and put back in place. This is to cater and provide quick and easy cleaning and maintenance.

3-cup or More Capacity

The size of the appliance is not the most crucial factor to look out for, but instead the size of the basket is the most important piece to look out for. For those who prepare little amounts of food, say for two or three, a 3-cup oil capacity basket size will be enough and most suitable. On the other hand, those who prepare relatively large amounts of food should go for an 8-cup capacity, as it will serve them better and offer them better servings. It is very important to understand what you will be using the deep fryer for before making the purchase, as this will ensure that you get the maximum satisfaction from the kitchen appliance.

Electronic Temperature Controls and Display

High end models come with accurate thermostats that have the capability of regulating the temperature within 1 to 2 degrees, thus provide you with accurate temperature readings unlike the low end ones. The temperature control should be electronic, as this will save a lot of energy and they are computerized. These controllers have the capability of sensing the temperature level of the oil, and thereby regulating the temperature automatically without the need of having to control it yourself. The type of temperature display is equally important, digital and dial systems are available for you to choose from, but of course the digital display system is the easiest to work with.

1500 – 1800 Watts

Deep fryers are measured in watts, thus implying that the higher the wattage, the stronger it will be in terms of its heating features. Higher wattage like 1800 watts will also imply that it heats up the oil very fast, but the temperature will drop as fast too. It is recommended to select one that has the ability to heat up fast and retain the desired temperature as well, even after attaining it very quickly. Doing this will mean that the appliance is performing its total function to your maximum satisfaction, because it was made to serve you and only after you have been satisfied will it be considered a success due to their high performance level.

A Locking Cover with a Large Viewing Window

A locking cover is very important. This is because it is put in place to ensure your safety and safer frying. It is also used to prevent spattering of the hot oil and by using this, reduces the bad frying smell afterwards. The viewing window should be in place to help you monitor the deep frying process without the need of opening and closing the cover. These help to ensure convenience in the service provided.

Costs Between $50 and $300

These appliances vary in size and thus cost, from just over $50 to much higher than $300. Their costs are dependent on the kind of features they behold, and the more the features will imply more pricing. Top-of-the-line models with stylish rotary baskets will come for nothing less than $300 while the very basic bare-bone models will come from no more than $70. So if you are a home owner and in search for the best deep fryer, one that costs about $99 is the right one for you as it will come with the latest features and specifications to serve you best.

Digital Timer

Your safety and security is of utmost importance, and as such any kitchen appliance, especially the electricity-powered ones should come with high quality safety mechanisms. The best deep fryer should have a Digital Timer, whose function is to stop frying once the preset time has elapsed. This will maintain and enhance your safety, and you can leave it frying and partake in another activity while your food deep fries.

Immersed Heating Element and Adjustable Thermostat

The heating element is used to allow the kitchen appliance to maintain the attained temperature or heat. Oil maintains heat and when the heat is over 375 degrees Fahrenheit, it starts burning food. Low temperatures are not a good feature, because the food absorbs the oil into it and thus oily high-fat meals that are unhealthy to the body. The best of these equipment should cook at between 325 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures to provide the most ideal cooking and healthy meals as well. The thermostat in the cooking appliance should be adjustable, because this will enable the user to select the best frying temperature for different types of food being prepared.

1-Year Warranty

Just like any other appliance, a good warranty should be available with these kitchen appliances, some of which are electrically powered. This will guarantee you longer life with the appliance, to get rid of the possibility of having to buy a new one after a very short time of use. A good warranty will also protect the heating elements as well as the appliance in general, which avoids the cases of having burnt food. This 1-year Limited Warranty will also allow you to test for the functionality of the appliance, to ensure that even after its expiry it will remain functional and offer the same service as before.

Inner Rotating Basket

This is the latest innovation in this industry, and as a result only the best deep fryers will offer it. In this model, the basket actually rotates in the hot oil, as opposed to being stationary in it. This constant rotation will keep food crispy as it reduces the need for oil. You will also be left at ease as your food cooks, since you will not be needed to rotate the basket on your own because the rotating basket will do it for you.


The best of the best should be easy to clean, hence easier to maintain. A removable inner pan or oil vat should be dishwasher safe and easy to remove and return. The used oil should be easy to pour out into an outside container without any spillages. It should also allow you to clean it in the dishwasher. This will ease your cleaning process as compared to washing it with your bare hands, which can be very tedious. One that has all these features is truly the best deep fryer to have around you.

Useful Additional Components

The best kitchen appliance in this category should come with some additional components. They include a slotted scoop, a storage lid and a magnetic safety cord among others. They should be easy to use and even easier to learn their usage so as to assist the users make maximum use of these additional features.

In addition to all these, it is important to know that deep frying is a cooking art on its own, hence the materials used like the oil used to cook the different types of food can determine the outcome meal. It is not only the features that determine the quality of food prepared, but the oils used play a major role too.

After getting to know the desirable features of these appliances, one question comes to mind:

Why do We Need to Get the Best Deep Fryer?

It is true that good deep fryers will offer us many advantages, like fast and safer cooking of some foods.

Fast Cooking

These cookery are very fast and more efficient as compared to other normal pots and pans, which tend to slow things down. Their proper ventilation and advanced cooking technology make them very fast and efficient. As a result, your food will get cooked well and crispy in a short time period, thus enjoy your meals faster.

Environment-Friendly and Saves You Money

As compared to other cooking alternatives like pot cooking, they are very cheap and will help you save some money even after purchasing them. In addition, you can reuse the oil used in cooking and use it at a later time, thus no need to buy oil every time you plan to deep fry some food. There is no wastage with these kitchen appliances, which provide you a high quality service at the lowest costs.

Cooking Accuracy and Quality

These amazing kitchen appliances are very accurate, thanks to the automatic temperature setting that enables it to control itself depending on the type of food being prepared. Due to this setting and other remarkable settings and features, they produce food with the highest possible quality, and health too.

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to their ability to be unassembled and reassembled again, the best deep fryers are very easy to use, clean and maintain. The parts can be cleaned separately and in addition, they are dishwasher safe, meaning that they can be cleaned by the dishwasher. Parts can also be bought and replaced in cases of aging or erratic functioning, which makes them suitable for anyone.

Many Size Ranges

The overall size of the fryer will determine the serving sizes. Fryers are available in very many sizes, which determine the number of people who can be served by it. Larger ones can be used for commercial purposes, while the smaller sizes can be used for domestic purposes, like homes for smaller cooking jobs.

A good deep fryer is an indispensable appliance to have around you, be it at home or in your restaurant. Even for the healthy-conscious, it is the best equipment to provide the highest delicious low-fat delicacies. It is thus key to understand all about them before placing your order or purchasing one, because it is only after this will you be able to pick out the best deep fryer. After carefully reading the guide above, I believe you have all the insight about these must-have kitchen appliances. These appliances will you fast, quality and safe cooking, and at the same time maintain and enhance the health your family at large.

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