Best Kitchen Knife Set Reviews

Best Kitchen Knife Set: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

What are kitchen knife sets?

As a cook, you always want the right kind of tools present in your kitchen in order to fulfil the desire and appetite of your customers and complete your duties properly. Not only for chefs, but right kitchen equipment’s are important for anyone who cooks food on a regular basis. And considered as one of the most important kitchen tools is a kitchen knife. A good collection determines how much time you will take to cook the food and at the same time, ensures your safety as well. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of choosing best kitchen knife set.

Selecting a set could be a challenging task for an enthusiastic cook to accomplish. After all, a good knife can ensure both the safety and quality of the food made by the cook. Therefore, if you are going to buy a high quality collection, you surely would not want to go for a cheap one, which could reduce the quality of your dish. But then the question arrives, “How are you going to find yourself a good kitchen knife set”? The answer is very simple. You just look for the qualities that you specifically need.

Kitchen Knife Set Comparison

Why kitchen knife sets are needed?

Having your hands on a nice and a top-notch set is very important since you will be the using it almost every day. Fortunately for you, there are many brilliant selections available in the market, that too at a very reasonable price. All you need to do is follow some useful tips to find the appropriate set as per your usage and you will get the quality you are looking for without spending hundreds of dollars.

Before making a purchase, find out what types you would want in your kitchen: Kitchen knives can be found in great varieties of shapes and sizes and have the capability of meeting various requirements. However, you should always opt for the type that will suit your requirements. An average domestic assortment would include the following:

  • A 5 inch long utility knife that can be used for many purposes. This product is often used as the first knife in the set due to its tendency to do many jobs.
  • A chef’s knife, which is about 7.8-9 inches long, mainly used for dicing, chopping, cutting and mincing.
  • A 3 inches long paring or vegetable knife usually used for cutting, peeling and trimming small items that can be held in hand, such as small potatoes and other vegetables.
  • A bread knife, used to slice cake, bread, tomatoes and fruit.
  • A carving knife that is used for cutting small and thin slices of meat.
  • A filleting knife, which is helpful in filleting fish. Buy it only if you intend to fillet, otherwise it will be useless. Most people don’t bother with filleting anymore and go for food that is already filleted.

While looking around, you may often find knife sets that contain many of the above knives. It will be quite cheaper compared to buying them individually. However, there is no use buying a cheap set that would just ruin the quality of your food. So, choose wisely before making a final decision.

Now how would you know if the assortment you are going to purchase is of good quality and suit you well? To know that, here are the things you need to take care of before buying:

Hold the knives in your hand before buying

The grip must be at ease and fits well in your hand. Know that even if one person is feeling quite comfortable holding it, it doesn’t mean that it will suit you well too. Although advice is useful, but first make sure to use it with your own hands. You must go for the ones that are comfortable in your hand. After all, you are going to use it for a long time.

Look for how much steel is present

Make sure to look for any signs of welding or joining, mainly in the area of hilt. This is a point where knives are weak and are more likely to bend or break. The best knives are made from a single hand-forged steel, while cheap knives tend to have thin and weak hilts.

Examine the weight of the knives

A light weighted product is suitable for accuracy and speed while a heavy product is best for chopping a bunch of light ingredients. However, things get different while chopping hard and solid foods such as palm sugar, fresh ginger, nuts and other similar ingredients.

Examine the balance

Balance is another vital factor that needs to be considered. Good quality knives tend to have a brilliant balance with not too much weight on either side of the handle or the blade. It must be evenly spread and properly concentrated at the right points. In order to judge the balance, the same old fashioned way can be used where you need to put your finger on the finger grip or at the blade end of the handle, holding it horizontally with cutting edge down. A good quality product will balance at that point and won’t fall off from your finger. It will ensure that you can use the knives efficiently without losing the grip.

See the hilt

The hilt should be solid, easy to clean and well joined. It is the hardest part of the knife where the strain on the handle goes into the blade. See if it is extra thin or is there any signs of join or weld present. If any gaps are visible, it will not only weaken it, but can also trap some portion of the food and raise bacteria.

Examine the materials used to make the handle

Often handles are made of plastic, wood, resins or any other hard material. Don’t go for the knives with handles made from bones since they tend to become fragile after some time. It can also cause some serious injuries as it might crumble in the user’s hand. Soft woods or low density materials are also not suggested for handles.

Consider the material and the quality of the blade

Ceramic is unquestionably the best material for the knife’s blade. It can easily be sharpened and does not rust while holding its sharpness for a long time. The only problem with such a blade is that they are very fragile and can easily be broken. The good ones are normally very expensive. Therefore, while going for cheap ceramic knives, examine the blades cautiously. Other than ceramic, carbon steel is also used to make a blade that gives a nice edge, but requires to be taken care of so they gets rusty as well. Stainless steel is very much in fashion nowadays as due to their capability to avoid rust.

Focus on quality, not the brand

It is natural for you to go for a brand in order to ensure you are buying a good quality product. However, if you are going to buy a high quality assortment at a reasonable price that doesn’t fall under the category of any brand, it doesn’t mean you are making a mistake. You need to focus more on quality instead of the brand value.


The primary concern for everyone while selecting any kinds of tool is safety. Particularly in the kitchen, safety is a very important aspect since it can affect everyone in the household. That is why you should be very serious when choosing. Examine the grip of the handle by holding it tightly. Try not to let anyone else use your knives. Most injuries are sustained by using tools, which the users are not familiar with.


The main purpose of the product is to chop the food. Therefore, make sure that all the knives in the set are nicely sharped for their proposed purpose.

Other than all the above qualities, there are many more things that need to be focused before making a purchase for the best kitchen knife set.

Full Tang

This means that the steel of the blade and handle are of one piece.

Full Forged

It refers to how the knife has really been made. Few are stamped, but the best quality knives are completely forged with high carbon stainless steel. They also tend to stay sharp for a long time compared to others.


A good quality product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Purchasing a collection is surely a hard thing to do as it requires a lot of time in examining the qualities of knives. However, keeping it safe is equally important and challenging as buying it. With proper care, it can last for years and give you its perfect service every time you use it.

Keep the knives in good place

Dry the knives well before putting it into the drawer. It will ensure the durability and keep it rust-free. In order for you to use them for a longer period, you should place them in a knife block or in a drawer so that they won’t get damaged. Some come in their own storage box. Many chefs wrap each knife separately with an apron so that they won’t touch each other. A good place to keep the knives also ensures the safety of the people. A regular utensil drawer is not recommendable for storing the knives.

Keep them in good and sharp condition

If you are looking around, spend a little more on steel and sharpening stone. The stones will help you in restoring and improving the cutting edges while steel will maintain the edges.

Use it properly

Don’t use the knives on glass, stone or any other steel like cutting surfaces. This can permanently damage the knives. It may also lead to some serious injuries. The most appropriate cutting surface would be made from wood or any other rigid substance.

Knives are considered as the most vital kitchen utensils. People use them on a daily basis to chop, cut and slice the food. Therefore, it is essential for a household to have an assortment. A good set of kitchen knives lasts for a lifetime, if used appropriately. If you wish to have one for yourself, you have so many options to choose from. A golden rule of buying one is to figure out your budget and search according to it. However, it is always recommendable to spend as much as possible as it will definitely provide you the worth of your money. The expensive assortments consist of good and hard blades, brilliant grip and handles and looks very stylish as well. They are less prone to get damage and provide you with extra safety and comfort. However, it doesn’t mean that cheap sets are completely useless. Cheap collections are mainly used by people who use them for some specific purposes only. Make sure you check all the knives before making a purchase. It could be little difficult if you are buying it online. Therefore, see if any of your friends has one.

The best kitchen knife set includes all kinds of blade types needed to prepare food and also provide a block in order for you to store them. Many manufacturers also sell them individually so that you can add one to your collection if any of the pieces gets lost or broken. Looking around online is ideal if you want something that suits you at a very decent price range. At online stores, you will be able to look at all the sets with all the information associated with it right at your fingertips. You can even compare the price range of similar sets on different websites so that you get the best possible deal.

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